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How Praise Affects Your Perspective

Earlier in the year, our church set out to list things we were thankful for and reasons to praise the Lord.  We listed hundreds of reasons why we could praise God with just one of those reasons being that he hears and answers our prayers. My list of things for which to be thankful is long.

Sometimes I feel like my list of requests is also long, but as long as I keep praising as part of my prayer and remember the ways I am blessed, the trials of today seem less monumental. I am far less likely to make mountains out of molehills when I am keeping things in proper perspective.

That perspective is so much better when I am looking up and focusing on God despite my circumstances. Circumstances change, but God does not and he knows my needs, and hears my prayers. Praise be to God!

Often, help is on the way before I even know I am in need.  Just as with Joseph, who was thrown into a cistern and sold by his brothers. Then he was sold again and taken to a foreign country, a pawn in a game he didn’t ask to play.  His dreams were much different, but they were for a different time and place.  We are never told just what Joseph thought of his circumstances, but we do know that God was with him and prospered him even when the situation was bad. He consistently looked to God for wisdom and strength. And at the end of the story, he gave God praise.

It is hard to sing praises in the messy middle, but God is with you, he hears you, and he loves you.

psalm 66-20

Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!

Psalm 66:20