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Quiet, A Favorite Of Mine

It’s Friday and that means it’s also time for Five-Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo. It has been a long time since I have participated, but today there was actually five minutes to spare.


Quiet. Today it came so late.  I wanted it so early.  I had high hopes for our evening.  I was hoping for the ideal evening of perfectly obedient kids who willingly went to sleep, leaving me time to write.

Well, finally they sleep and I have my quiet.  I sit and sigh, enjoying the moment, knowing that it will soon be gone and I will be beckoned by the sweet noises of a baby, and the hello of a husband, working late.

I love the quiet. 

I asked my son the other day what his three favorite things were. He told me and then also told me he knows what my three favorite things are.  I was intrigued and surprised at how well he knows me. His thoughts were that my three favorite things were peace and quiet, trees, and sitting with daddy.

He knows me well. 


What are your favorite things?