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Aromatherapy: More Than What You Smell

When I think of Aromatherapy, automatically think of scented candles. I gave little thought as to how narrow this way of thinking is.  I just know that when someplace smells good, you are far more comfortable and at ease than if the the aroma around you is unpleasant. Have you seen the Febreze, “Breathe Happy” commercials? Recently, however, I have
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How I Am Just Like Jonah

I am amazed at the convicting power of a cartoon. One morning, my son requested to watch Jonah, a very veggie movie. For some reason, when I started the DVD for him, it started at the end, ready for the last song. The last song, also the theme song, is a cute catchy song that says, “Jonah was a prophet,
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Using Songs To Teach Character, Social and Emotional Skills {A Review}

 In July, we received a download of three albums, 15 songs from Happy Kids Songs to listen to and review. Happy Kids Songs has produced eight albums with five songs each on a variety of topics all relating to social and emotional development of children ages 4-8. We also received the workbook to go along with the songs.  We loved the Happy Kids
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Curriculum Choices for 2014-15

This year we have a sixth grader, a fourth grade, a kindergartner, and a two year old.  It should be an interesting year. We have fun things planned, but with the entrance into middle school by our eldest, we will stepping things up a bit. Last year, I changed our curriculum entirely thinking I had found the perfect match for
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A Math Program Kids Will Want To Use {Mathletics Review}

We have had the opportunity to use and review the online, supplemental math program, Mathletics, created by 3P Learning. The program is easy to use, fun for the kids, and keeps parents in formed.  My boys were even willing to use it on vacation! To begin using Mathletics, you will first need to set up a Parent account.  This gives
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Flourish book

Finding Balance Helps You Flourish {A Review}

The book Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms by Mary JoTate is published by Apologia Educational Ministries. This book is full of practical encouragement for moms who are trying to do it all.  In the introduction, Mary Jo states that the reason she wrote this book is because she couldn’t find anybody who was “really addressing the practical  issues involved in balancing
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Homeschool Curriculum Bundle Sale

This post contains an affiliate link. Even though it is the middle of summer and we are on vacation, I have been thinking of next year’s homeschool curriculum already!  Thinking of the next year’s curriculum usually starts in the spring.  I have most of my subjects and resources already decided, but I still need to fill in the gaps, especially
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Piano Lessons at Home with Homeschool Piano {A Review}

I have been brushing up on my piano skills for the past few weeks using HomeSchoolPiano. For the purpose of  this review, we were given a lifetime subscription HomeSchoolPiano – Complete set of books for up to five students. This subscription includes all the lessons and the printable books for each level of the course. It was easy to use
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How to Make Bug Spray Using Essential Oils

It is that time if year that when we step outside, we get mosquito bites.  It is just a given that there will be lots of mosquitoes since we live so close to the creek and we often get a lot of rain. We love the rain and the creek, but we do not like the mosquitoes! This year, I decided I
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Veritas Press Self-Paced History {A Review}

History has been a favorite subject in our school for as long as we have been homeschooling.  The kids often ask to do history even on our days off!  When I got the chance to review curriculum from Veritas Press, I was really excited. We reviewed Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation with Flashcards. The Self-Paced history program
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How to Build Each Other Up

We spend a lot of our time building. We build pillow forts, blanket forts, stick forts, tree forts, and any other kids of  forts the kids can think of.  We build ships, cars and airplanes out of boxes. The boys are always building with Legos or K’nex. There is much thought that goes into how to build things. There is
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