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How Glue in Her Hair Reminded Me of Grace

Joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five-Minute Friday. The rules are simple write for 5 minutes, link-up, leave a comment. Today’s Prompt: Glue     We were quietly getting everyone ready for bed. All the children were bathed and in their pajamas.  I left the room to get the final drink of water for the boys before turning out the
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lavender essential oil

Five Reasons to Love Lavender Essential Oil

My love of lavender began at an early age. For as long as I can remember, I have loved the color purple in any shade, especially lavender.  It was my favorite color as a girl.  I had lavender floral wallpaper. I went to Kansas State University and was surrounded by purple. I had purple, maybe it was plum, bridesmaid’s dresses
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Supercharge Your Homeschool Science {A Review}

Right now, we do not do a lot of textbook science in our homeschool, but when we did our mid-year evaluation with our children, we found that one of them really just wanted to do science.  He actually only wanted to do science. So, when we were offered a chance to “teach science the easy way” and review Supercharged Science,
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Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

At this house, we do a lot of laundry.  I’m sure you do quite a bit at your house too!  As I sort my laundry and run loads through the washer and the dryer or hang them on the line, I try to remember that we are blessed.  It also frequently reminds me that we need to downsize our wardrobes.
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Captivated Documentary {A Review}

It is not often that I sit down to watch a documentary and know right away that I will have to watch it more than once, but the Captivated DVD produced by Media Talk 101 is exactly that.  It is a very well done video that tells the story of how Philip Telfer, founder and president of Media Talk 101 began
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Finding Joy in the Ordinary

As one hour stretched into three, we sat on the kitchen floor, painting. And as the hour approached midnight, we began to talk about more than paint.  We talked about life as it was and life as it is.  He asked me, “When we were courting, and we talked about our future, our occupational choices, is this what you thought
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What You Need When You Get Stuck

We were on our way home from a class one Friday morning. We had just emerged from the latest wintry blast which blanketed our city with more than average snowfall. The roads were decent, but you had to be careful at stops and corners. As we were driving along, we spotted a snow fort that was creative enough to merit
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Motivated Moms: A House Cleaning Schedule That Works {A Review}

Have you ever felt like you had a task so big you would never get it done? Or maybe you didn’t know where to start? Not knowing where to start is almost always my problem if I am facing a big challenge. The other problem I face is distraction. School, kids, Pinterest – I can lose a lot of time
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KinderBach {A Review}

KinderBach is a music program for preschoolers and kids up to age seven.  It starts out with the most basic of concepts and gradually moves the child along so that after all six levels, the student is playing actual songs. We have spent the last several weeks reviewing the Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner from  KinderBach, playing fun
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2014-02-17 When motherhood isn't what you signed up for

When Motherhood Isn’t What You Signed Up For

On the first day of a new semester, our five year old eagerly headed off to his new preschool class. When his daddy brought him home at lunch time, I greeted them at the door and said, “Hey buddy, how was school today?” He emphatically stated, “That was not what I signed up for and I am not going back.”
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